Selasa, 21 Julai 2009

Street at Chow Kit and Bukit Bintang

At this time my photos are more into candid and portraiture. I love to capture the moment that we will never forget. In order to lift up my skills,i've decided to try street photography where you can find different people with different personalities. My main target were the oldies and kids because they just don't care.This is my 1st attempt on street photography. I was so inspired by local street photographer, Chot. His picture really have something to tell and he keep it simple. I've decided to shoot around Chow kit and Bukit Bintang area to gain new experience using my 50mm f1.8 attached to my gear with a kit lens in the bagpack. Chow kit and Bukit Bintang were always full with crowd and many activities going on there.Well it is not that easy to face the public and snap, it is easier with telephoto lens where you can shoot from distance but i'm still under budget. I've decided to use 50mm because of the large aperture so i can isolate the subject from the background and get smaller depth of field. At this time i was only managed to shoot from behind and in crowd so no one will thought that i was capturing their pictures. Prepare to run and to be scold was what Chot told me before, but i was not ready for that. Scared, nervous, tired, sun burn were what i am during this session, but afterall i was really enjoy it and satisfied with what i captured for the 1st time. Not great but i am truly satisfy with it and decide to go to Ipoh for 2nd attempt. Peace brother...

"One of the hardest things in art is to keep it simple"

5 ulasan:

  1. semat dan menarik bro.. semakin berani menonjolkan diri, semoga terus maju..

  2. wah layan street jugak ye...
    tempat yang sama aku tembak last week...
    teruskan usaha untuk menstreet k bro..

  3. ni da lame bro..julai aku ni da bersawang..hehe

  4. It's rare I find a blog with reverse type in it that works; yours does. Your images become much more alive with the black background. Good luck in all your endeavors.